faq Travel Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, flight, hotel, transfer, car rental

faq Travel Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, flight, hotel, transfer, car rental


Top Questions about Travel to Cuba and the use of the site lovelycaribe.com

International Flights: What is included in the price?

Fuel Surcharge and Ticket's fees at issue. Entry Visa and Insurance are required by Cuban authorities they could  the cost for that could be purchased along with the package.

Hotel: What is Included in the price?

Hotels usually run the bed and breakfast system. However, there are hotels than offer only the room. Sometimes in the booking process you will have the chance to add meals. The hotels on the beaches usually use the All Inclusive system (all meals, snacks, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages national and international). In Mexico, the Hotels that are located in Environmental Protection Areas, charge an Environmental Protection Tax payable upon check-in. 

Car Rental: What is included in the price?

For car rentals in Cuba the rate may include insurance or not. For car rental in the Dominican Republic and Mexico the rate includes the insurance which can be basic insurance or full coverage insurance. There may be optional extra costs to be paid locally such as the additional driver, child seat, etc. All clearly indicated in the booking process. On site you also pay the deposit which varies depending on the country, the supplier, the category of car.

Tours : What is included in the price?

All tours begin in the morning, the night before you will need to have slepped in the place of departure of the tour. The tour is "collective", shared with other travelers, or Private. In general the tours have fixed departures every week. If the tour includes an Internal Flight includes the Fuel Surcharge. Transportation by bus with driver and guide speaking english or spanish; In general the meals and drinks consumed in hotels and local restaurants are also included as well as the tickets for the places to visit. With appropriately communicated exceptions

Domestic flights : What is included in the price?

For Cuba Flights: The price for domestic flights to Cayo Largo, Cayo Santa Maria includes the Transfer from the Hotel to departure Airport as well as from Destination Airport to Hotel destination. The price of flights to other cities like Cayo Coco, Santiago de Cuba, Holguin and Nueva Gerona, does not includes the transfers.

City Excursions: What is included in the price?

The City Excursions includes a vehicle, a driver and a tour guide speaking english and spanish. Most City Excursions take half a day and lunch or dinner are optional.

Full Day Excursions: What is included in the price?

The excursions can be "collective" ( shared with other travelers ) or "Exclusive" ( not shared with other travelers). The shared ones require the achievement of a minimum number of participants. If not reached the excursion will be postponed or canceled. In this case you will be entitled to a refund of the amount paid. Generally the Excursions last a full day, returning to the hotel at dinner time. Generally,  the excursions include the lunch. Some visits may be optional and not included.

Transfers: What is included in the price ?

They can be collective or Private. The collective transfers have scheduled time of departure with pick-up from the hotels; the Private transfers depart at the requested time with pick-up from requested address. The kind of vehicles use for transfers depends on the amount of passengers.

Can i book without a Credit Card?

If you're buying one or more online services, payment with Credit Card is required (American Express, Visa, Master Card). You will be prompted for both services "available" and also for the services "in confirmation by the supplier next 72 hours" In both cases, the system charges the credit card. In the second case, if the service is not confirmed by the supplier we will refund, at no cost, the amount charged by the payment system.
If you're buying a trip with the support of one of our experts you will be able to pay, when the journey is confirmed, also by bank transfer.

Is it mandatory an Entry Visa for Cuba?

Yes, it is mandatory and you have to buy it in the departure country. The Cuba Entry Visa should be presented at airport check-in. Without Cuba Entry Visa the airline will not let you board. It is simple to have the Cuba Entry Visa, we will send it by DHL Express Mail (Visa and shipping at a cost).

Is it mandatory to have medical Insurance to travel to Cuba, Dominican Republic and Mexico?

For Cuba it is mandatory. The traveler must be insured for any medical emergency. If you hold your own Medical Insurance verify that it is valid also for Cuba. If you're lacking it you can buy  one with us.
For Dominican Republic and Mexico it is absolutely recommended.

Are taxes included in the price for room, car rentals or tours?

Yes, they are included

Is there any fee for booking through Lovelycaribe.com?

There is no fee for services such as Hotels, car rentals, domestic flights, Tours, etc. However, there is a fee of 25 to 50 euros for international flights.

Does Lovelycaribe.com offer discounts for special clients such as hotel club members or airlines special customers?

No, it is not possible to get some reductions.

The service I requested (one or more services) is not available but in "Waiting for confirmation by the supplier". Why have you charged my Credit Card if you have not yet confirmed?

There are three stages of service availability:   1) Service available for immediate confirmation.   2) Service waiting for confirmation by the supplier, for which we will give you answer in max 72 hours.   3) Service Unavailable for which we do not proceed with any charge.   The card is charged for the first two stages but, in the second case if the service will not confirmed by the supplier, we will inform you about other similar proposals to unconfirmed service or, if desired, we will refund the amount of the service not confirmed, the amount is usually to be available again on your credit card within 3-4 days.

Can I book by using the credit card of another person?

Yes, but only if the credit card is owned by one of the travelers.

What credit card can I use to pay Lovelycaribe.com?

Visa, American Express, Mastercard

My credit card data are processed safely?

Lovelycaribe.com guarantees a secure booking: 1) The personal and credit card data are encrypted. 2) Our server uses a "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL), the industry standard security protocol.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Not to purchase International Flights. Not to purchase online any other service. You can pay by Bank Transfer for any ground services (hotels, Cars Hire, Tours, Domestic flights, etc) but only if you have requested the support of our travel experts, by email of phone.

We are a group of people and we requested your support for the organization of a trip, everyone would like to pay your own bill. Is it Possible?

Yes, it's possible. With Bank Transfer or Credit Card.

The invoice for my purchase does not show the VAT, it is normal?

Yes, on the sale of services abroad is not provided VAT

Can I cancel or change my booking on Lovelycaribe.com?

Yes, you can modify or cancel your reservation with no charge if the change is made 31 days before your departure. If you will made a cancellation 30 days before departure you pay a penalty: see " General Conditions". To make a change or cancellation must contact our team, by mail or telephone. You can not make changes and / or cancellations once you left. You can still contact our local correspondent to make changes to the trip. The local correspondent, if possible, will not charge penalties.  For international flights purchased through us you will need to refer to the conditions applied by the Airline. Non-refundable Fee Issue Ticket, Visas and Medical Insurance purchased through us with the international flight.

In case of cancellation of the reservation is required to pay a penalty?

Almost every tour operators apply penalties for cancellations received 60 days before departure. Kiweetravel.com not charge penalty for cancellations up to 31 days before departure. From 30 to 16 days before to the departure date we charge a penalty of 50% of the amount paid. After that period, the traveler will have no rights and we will be required to pay the full price. We ask you to carefully read the "General Terms" posted on Kiweetravel.com and accepted for execution of the service. For international flights purchased through us you will need to refer to the conditions applied by the Airline. Non-refundable Fee Issue Ticket, Visas and Medical Insurance purchased through us with the international flight.

Can I change the booking when I'm traveling?

You can not change the booking after departure. You can ask for new services in addition to your trip. The service not taken will not be refunded.

If I deleted my reservation who refund the cost of the penalty paid?

Yes, if you have bought a Trip Cancellation Insurance trough an insurance company, your unique referent for any refund request.

How soon can we have a reservation confirmed?

We need at least 2 working days in order to properly manage your booking.

Can I search by price?

Sure! Before looking for date and location. Obtained search results, sort by price using the filters.

How do I search for Hotel with specific facilities, such as a swimming pool?

Once you have entered your travel dates and destination, you will see a list of Hotels. On this page, locate the list of filters on the left and refine your search by selecting specific services, such as the swimming pool.

Hotels accept pets?

In Cuba and Mexico No, the Hotels do not accept pets
In Dominican Republic some Hotels accept pets, you can search these hotels using the filters

Where do I find the check-in and check-out of the hotel?

They are indicated in the Fact-Sheet in the top right tab of the Hotel's page; if the hotel provided the Fact-Sheet. If not provided generally considered as valid at the following times: CHECK-IN after 14:00 - CHECK-OUT by 12:00. These times may vary from hotel to hotel.

I would like to check out after the time-limit. How can I do?

Check-out more than the cut-off time (Late Check-Out) it can only be arranged with the hotel and depends on their availability of rooms on the day of your departure. Is there a cost.

Can I deposit my luggage at the hotel before check-in or after check-out?

Generally yes. Almost all hotels have a luggage store.

How do I know if the hotel has parking and if I book it?

On the Fact-Sheet of the Hotel (Info Hotel), if published, you can find the details of the services. The hotels located in pedestrian areas does not have parking. You can not reserve a parking.

I will arrive at the hotel before / after the check-in hours indicated. Can I still check-in?

If you arrive after hours check- in will not have any problem to access the room . Although arrivals at night . If you arrive before the time of check- in the hotel will do everything possible to allow you access to the room , but this is not always possible, you can just sit back in the hotel lobby and wait until your room is ready.

I must have the international driving license to drive in Cuba, Dominican Republic or Mexico?

NO. It is not required international driving license.

it is safe to travel with car rentals?

In Cuba it is extremely safe, crime in Cuba is very low. There is a large police presence that provides security in the streets. Most crime can be characterized as non-confrontational (i.e. pick-pocketing, purse-snatching, fraud schemes, and theft of unoccupied cars and/or dwellings).
Same for Dominican Republic.
In Mexico we need to pay more attention. in the peninsula of Yucatan and Chiapas it is safe. In the central Mexican area and in northern Mexico it is not considered safe to drive a rented car on your own. We recommend the use of a professional driver
Before starting the journey looks to any warnings in the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country. For Italy: http://www.viaggiaresicuri.it

Along the streets there is a good road signs?

In Cuba: on urban roads road signs is decent sometimes not very visible. On extra urban roads signs it is enough to take you to your destination.
In Dominican Republic: on urban roads road signs is decent sometimes not very visible. On extra urban roads signs it is enough to take you to your destination. In the Highways signs is accurate. With the Car hire you can rent a wi-fi repeater and use the road navigation apps.
In Mexico: on urban roads road signs is decent sometimes not very visible. On extra urban roads signs it is enough to take you to your destination. In the Highways signs is accurate. With the Car hire you can rent a wi-fi repeater and use the road navigation apps.

How old is required to rent a car?

In Cuba: 21 years.
In Dominican Republic: 21 years. But from 21 to 24 years you will pay an extra charge.
In Mexico: 21 years. But from 21 to 24 years you will pay an extra charge.

I was fined while driving the rental car. Who do I pay the fine?

You will pay to the renter when you return the car

I will find easily guarded parking?

Yes, you will easily find guarded parking.

Rent a Car offices are open 24H?

All offices Rent a Car of Airports, and in some cities. Most of it opens at 09:00 AM and closes at 05:00 PM

Along the roads there gas stations?

Along the roads most frequented are well disseminated.

In-car use of seat belts are mandatory?

Yes, for front and rear seats.

If I do not feel well one of my friends can drive the car I rented?

Your friend can drive if he is registered as Additional Driver. Otherwise your friend can not drive the car. You can add up to 2 Additional Drivers.

I'm booking a car hire, pick the car at 10:00AM, and return seven days later at 06:00PM. Why do I have to pay one day more?

You can return the car when you are more comfortable (there are renta a car offices open 24h). However the cost of the car will be calculated for blocks of days, that if you take the car at 10 AM and leave at 07 PM you will pay up to 10 AM of the next morning. To not pay one more day, you have to return it at the same time taking cars.

Why I cannot book a car for just 2 days?

Suppliers apply time limits for rental cars. In the low season you have to rent the car for a minimum of 3 days. In high season this limit increases to 5 days.

Why not land transfer will pick at the Bed & Breakfast where living?

The Collective transfers have as a point of departure and arrival one of the hotels in the town where you stays. If you stay in a B&B ask to owner what is the nearest hotel. In order to book transfers you must know which hotel to go for pick-up the transfer.
The Private Transfer pick-up and drop-off you at any direccions.

What is the difference between a double and a twin room?

A double room can have a double bed or two single beds (Twin). Specify your preference in the "Special Request" when prompted in the path of booking.

For each hotel how many types of rooms are proposed?

It depends on Hotels. For some hotels are offered many types of rooms: Double, Twin, double for single occupancy, Executive Floor, Junior Suite, Suite, Duplex, Master Villas, etc.

What is the difference between Single Room and Double single use?

There are no rooms with only one single bed. Those wishing to stay alone will stay in a double room.

We can stay in 3 adults in a double room?

Almost always. In some hotels is not allowed but in most of them yes. The third adult in a double will pay a discount on the rate.

We can stay in 4 adults in a double room?

Only some types of rooms such as Bungalows 2 rooms or villas. For normal rooms it is not possible.

The hotels have windows and balconies in all rooms?

Almost all hotels have rooms with windows and / or balconies. The colonial hotels can have rooms with small windows or windows overlooking the interior patio. Specify your preference in the "Special Request" when prompted in the path of booking .

The hotels have air conditioning in all rooms?

Not all hotels have air conditioning. Some Eco-lodges or mountain hotels do not provide it

We travel with children. The Hotels have extra beds / cribs available?

Yes. Please specify your preference in the "Special Request" when prompted in the path of booking. Before you make a reservation Contact us at any time if you have questions about availability and mode of living of children.